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Design, launch, and manage your profit sharing plan all in one place.

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100,000+ companies offer profit sharing

Everything you need to design, launch, and manage a profit sharing plan.

We're making profit sharing management so easy, businesses don't need to think twice. Whether you want to motivate employees with aligned incentives, create an incentive plan that is proven to retain employees, or simply reward everyone with a share of the profits —ShareWillow does it all.
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Don't settle for the status quo.

The old way of offering a profit sharing plan consisted of getting a lawyer to draft documents about the plan, managing the plan in excel, and emailing your team. There was no transparency, flexibility, or visibility for the team on how their share is calculated and paid out. We're changing that.

The Old Way

ShareWillow - The Old Way

The New Way

ShareWillow - The New Way
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build your profit sharing plan

Design and launch a profit sharing plan

Use a template or build a profit sharing plan from scratch.

- Create triggers that must be met for a distribution to pay.
- Create vesting schedules to help retain your employees.
- Custom calculations designed to meet your plan needs.

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for employees

Transparent compensation for employees

Give employees a single place to visualize their profit sharing compensation, including historical distributions and tips on how to maximize their payout.

- Employees have a dashboard to see everything they need.
- Create custom award letters for employee distributions.
- Employees can see their vesting schedules.

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ShareWillow Employee Experience

Team view

View your entire team's distributions

Enable managers to view profit sharing distributions across their entire team. Provide context to employees about the profit sharing plan and what they can do to maximize their payout.

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Design & Build

Powerful integrations with dozens of platforms

ShareWillow integrates with your favorite payroll providers and 401k plan administrators so you can push distributions directly to the platforms you already use.

Build your own integration using our API, webhooks, or Zapier.

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ShareWillow Integrations

Create the best profit sharing plan for your business

Pre-built templates
Unlimited custom rules and criteria
Document Storage
Document storage
Dashboard for employees, managers, and owners
Reporting and distribution templates
View payouts and historical distributions

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ShareWillow delivers an end-to-end profit sharing platform that allows you to motivate, reward, and retain top talent.

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