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Profit Sharing Software For Veterinarians

ShareWillow delivers an end-to-end profit sharing software for veterinarians that allows you to motivate, reward, and retain top talent.

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Profit Sharing Software For Veterinarians

Veterinarians can use our profit sharing software to create and manage a profit sharing plan that aligns incentives between employees and owners of veterinarians practices. Keep everyone on the same page with a transparent profit sharing plan where everyone knows exactly how the plan is calculated and what their share will be.


Everyone can login and view the company profit sharing plan and how their share is calculated.


Employees can see their historical distributions. Companies can see all payouts at a glance.


Companies can visually see the calculation for each employee for the profit sharing plan and easily make adjustments to plan design.


Companies can start with a pre-built template and then customize that template based on the needs of their company.

Customize Your Veterinarian Practice Profit Sharing Plan

With our profit sharing plan builder for veterinarians, you can build a simple profit sharing plan for your veterinarian practice or use complex rules to really customize how each of your participants will get rewarded within your plan.

Completely customizable

Create multiple tiers for how your profit sharing plan pays out to each participant at your veterinarian practice. You can use tenure or days with company, flat split, rating system, or some combination of all the above.

Multiple types of participants

You can group your participants based on their role at your company - sales, ops, managers, owners, investors. Each of these roles can have their own custom calculations within your profit sharing plan.

Did we mention customizable?

ShareWillow is so much more than the sum of its parts. Use features in combination with each other for a complete view of the state of your veterinarian practice — and to drive the success of your team.

Minimum tenure to participate

Create rules for how long an employee has to be with your veterinarian practice before they're eligible to participate in your profit sharing plan.

Minimum company goals

Create company-wide goals that have to be hit in order for your profit sharing plan to payout to employees of your veterinarian practice.

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ShareWillow delivers an end-to-end profit sharing software platform for veterinarian practices that allows you to motivate, reward, and retainmotivate, reward, and retain top employees.

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