Create and Manage a Profit Sharing Plan for Employees and Shareholders

Align employees and shareholders with company-wide profitability goals. All participants can login and see the company profit sharing plan and view their distributions.

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100,000+ companies offer profit sharing

Profit sharing plans instead of stock options

For companies that offer stock options and raise venture capital, there’s software tools like Carta and ShareWorks. These tools don’t make sense for profitable companies that aren’t issuing stock options and they don’t work for cash distributions via a profit-sharing plan.

The market is shifting its focus to profitable and sustainable companies. But there aren't any tools that are focused on helping profitable company create and manage profit sharing plans and the distributions.

So that’s exactly what we've built - software that helps companies create and manage profit sharing plans for employees and shareholders.
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for companies

Create incentives that align with your business 

Create and manage profit-sharing plans for employees and shareholders, aligning everyone with company-wide profitability goals.

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for employees

View your share of the company profits

Understand the total profit being distributed by your company and how your share is calculated. See all historical distributions and manage if you want your payout in cash or into your 401k plan.

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for pe funds

Manage investors and distributions from one online dashboard

Manage all stakeholders in a new deal, including employees of a newly acquired company. Investor deal documents, capital contributions, and distributions... all from one online dashboard.

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Design & Build

Powerful templates and integrations with dozens of platforms

Start creating your profit sharing plan with one of our pre-built templates using best practices for building a profit sharing plan.

ShareWillow integrates with your favorite payroll providers and 401k plan administrators so you can push distributions directly to the platforms you already use.

Build your own integration using our API, webhooks, or Zapier.

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Create the best profit sharing plan for your business

Pre-built templates
Custom rules to create even the most complex profit sharing plans
Document storage
Dashboard for employees, managers, and owners
Reporting and distribution templates
View payouts and historical distributions

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