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Manage investors and profit share distributions from one dashboard

Manage all stakeholders in a new deal, including employees of a newly acquired company. Investor deal documents, capital contributions, and distributions... all from one online dashboard.

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Manage Investors and Employees in Newly Acquired Companies

ShareWillow gives fund managers a dashboard to manage all stakeholders in new deals. Fund managers can upload investor deal documents, capital contributions, and payout distributions to investors and employees of the newly acquired company. 

Investor Portal

Investors can login to their investor portal and see their capital contributions, investor deal docs/ offering memorandum, quarterly distributions, and view cumulative return metrics like annual cash yield, NAV, and others.

Employee Portal

Employees of the newly acquired company can also login to their dashboard and view the company profit sharing plan giving them insight and transparency into company goals and how that ties back to their own profit-share distributions, aligning both employee and company interests.

Customize Distributions

With our profit sharing plan builder, you can build a plan that pays employees, owners, and investors a certain % of adjusted profits.

Employee payouts can be calculated based on many different rules and our software makes it easy for you to customize the plans.

Reports for investors to see their annual returns from cash flow.

Owners and investors are able to get distributions from adjusted profits based on the percentage of the company that they own.

Distribution notices and report templates make it easy to notify everyone and store those documents directly in our software.

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